Notes from Jeannine

  • The Christmas Gift -The Beginning of the Greatest Love Story of All Time!

    In the 1980's, when I first heard about the tradition of adding a piece of straw to the manger for each good deed done during the Christmas season so that baby Jesus would have the gift of a warm bed, I knew that this tradition needed to be shared!  It was such a wonderful tradition to help parents, grandparents, Sunday school leaders and others teach children about the real meaning of the love of Christmas.

    Christmas and the birth of Jesus is just the beginning of a love story that was planned for each of us by our loving Father and God. Jesus brought the end of being governed by laws and harsh rules and the beginning of Love being the greatest commandment of all!  As we teach our children to love others by simple acts of kindness, we are laying the foundation for teaching them about the greatest love story of all time- the birth and sacrifice of Jesus to save all mankind!

    Craig Von Busek explains the love story of Christmas in his article, Christmas It's About God Being With Us on  He says:

    "When Jesus was born, it set in motion a plan of love through the cross that would reunite mankind with a loving heavenly Father."

    Naomi Zacharias:

    "We have only one Savior whose act of love sustains us every day, and it is our God-given privilege to strive to be his hands and feet through our own daily offerings - whether it be our service, our compassion, our pride , our skills, our investment.  In doing so, we serve to bring the nativity out of the attic and into the center of both suffering and celebration of humanity, exactly where it belongs through all the seasons of life."

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