• The Christmas Gift Book Set with Angel Dressed in Red and Green

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For every "Secret Good Deed" your family does throughout the Christmas season, a piece of straw will be put into the manger.  By Christmas morning, everyone's thoughtfulness and kind deeds will fill the manger and  give baby Jesus the gift of a warm bed. We, also, know that Jesus is the very best Christmas gift of all!
This edition includes your Christmas Angel.  We have named her Mary Christmas, but she doesn't mind if you pick a new name for her.  She has been assigned to your family!  Just like the angel in The Christmas Gift, you never know where she will show up each day!  She is watching your family as they do "Secret Good Deeds". 
Helping your children to discover the angel watching them, can be a daily reminder that God's loving care is always watching over them and sometimes He uses His angels to help!
This set includes a fully illustrated children's book, baby Jesus, manger, bag with straw and your Christmas angel.  These are in a durable plastic storage bag.
Note To Parents:
Since these angels are not for very young children, you may want to tell them the angel is here to watch them and can only be touched if an adult is helping.
Have fun picking new places to put your angel each night during the Christmas season!  Enjoy the excitement as your children find her watching their "Secret Good Deeds"!
The Christmas Gift